A slightly pink retro computer in 16 bit style with a keybaord and a mouse. There is a green smiley face on the comptuer's screen
Aether The First EVM Consumer Chain with Full Vertical Integration & Core DeFi Primitives
Join Aether In The Age of Free Public Infrastructure
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Two duo-color cubes, one in front of the other, with blue and pink colors changing in gradientAether is the first community owned project built on cosmos replicated security distributed only via airdrop and lockdrop, no private token sales or external funding.
Two circles with gradient colors from blue to pink, one is three times bigger than the other and positioned on the top-right corner, while the smaller is positioned on the bottom left corner
Aether's goal is to create life long financial symbiosis with the Cosmos Hub, using:
  • DeFi primitives to enhance ATOM usecases, and absorb idle liquid staking derivatives
  • Multi-dimensional long term staking protocol, offering different tiers of rewards based on lock time