Crypto Trading Course – The Plan by Dan Hollings

Dan Hollings is the man who cracked the crypto code and went on to create a course around it that he later called The Plan. This crypto trading course uses grid bots to earn passive income off the volatility of the crypto market, and best of all it can work in any market direction. He is famous for saying “The hardest part of all is to do nothing!” and that’s because this set and forget system requires very little time and effort to execute.

Registration is only open a couple of times each year and when it is the Fast Track Bonus System for The Plan goes live to assist new Plan members to get their accounts set up, to complete the training and get those bots started up.

Access to this proven bonus system is exclusively available to those who enroll in The Plan through Heather Farrell, The Expat Entrepreneur who has made it her full time endeavor to help new students sail through the crypto trading course.

Picture of Heather Farrell discussing crypto trading bots

 For those interested in learning more about cryptocurrency investing, or this crypto trading course they can click here to watch more informative videos available now. 


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