Cryptocurrency Questions And Answers

Cryptocurrency Questions And Answers

If you’re just sinking your heels into the wild world of cryptocurrency, you likely have a lot of unanswered questions. For beginners especially, the ever-growing mound of crypto information available on the internet today can be overwhelming. 

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Then sifting through which information is legit amongst all the clever sales pitches and the outright scams – it’s time-consuming and can even be a little alarming at times


But the crypto market has shown phenomenal growth since its inception in 2009 and getting your piece of the pie may be easier than you think, especially if you are looking into ways to earn smart passive income. To simplify the onboarding process and paint a clear picture about the world of crypto so you don’t have to spend hours each night down the rabbit hole, here are answers to the most frequently-asked questions about cryptocurrency. 



8 Frequently-Asked Crypto Questions


  1. What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a decentralized type of digital currency that exists virtually and cannot be counterfeited or double-spent. In other words, it is another medium of exchange. While we are not yet at the point in history where it is fully adopted in the mainstream and you can’t exactly pull out your phone and pay for things with crypto anywhere you go, we are on track to get there, especially considering some countries are adopting cryptocurrency as legal tender. 

  1. What does decentralized mean? This means the industry and digital currency are largely unregulated. The bad news is this makes the market rife with scammers. The good news is, that no government entity or company can inflate or deflate the value of your crypto (as we are seeing with inflation) or enforce unseemly rules and regulations as is the case with traditional investment methods.

  1. How many cryptos exist? As of early 2022, there are over 18,000 cryptocurrencies in existence. But as you’ll learn, not all cryptocurrencies are created equal and some are wiser investments to make than others.

  1. How do you buy crypto? Buying crypto is not dificult: all you need to do is open an exchange account and convert your fiat currency – that is whichever currency you are using to invest – into crypto where you can start trading. 

  1. How safe is crypto? As a whole, crypto itself is safe and in many ways, more infallible than the American dollar. The risk comes when you don’t follow crypto security best practices which leave you vulnerable to hackers and ransomware attacks that can take you to the cleaners if you aren’t careful. 

  1. What is the blockchain? Blockchain is the digital ledger that records every single transaction in the cryptocurrency market. It can never be deleted, changed, manipulated, or inflated. This infallible record book doesn’t miss a beat and documents every single occurrence within the cryptocurrency industry. The combination of cryptocurrency and the blockchain make investing a great opportunity. 

  1. Do I have to pay taxes on any money I earn in crypto trading? Yes. Unfortunately, Uncle Sam wants his cut of any income you earn. The good news is, if you owe taxes on crypto earnings, you added personal income you didn’t have before. Good job! 

  1. What or who controls crypto? The short answer: nobody, which is one of its greatest selling points. Crypto is a breath of fresh air and a welcome reprieve from government or financial watchdogs taking their cut, or adding hefty fees to use, trade, or withdraw your own money. 

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