How To Invest In Cryptocurrency

How To Invest In Cryptocurrency


Jumping on the bandwagon of cryptocurrency means toggling through the endless barrage of investment options available today. Which apps are best for crypto trading? How long does it take to earn passive income?

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From learning about all of the different coins out there to the many ways you can invest while also factoring in your personal risk tolerance and comfort level, the world of crypto can make you feel like you’re out of your element.

Many who experience the initial overwhelm decide to outsource their crypto trading. They think they can just pay (and trust) someone more knowledgeable and savvy than they are to invest their money while remaining, for the most part, hands-off. 

But there are two things nobody should outsource to others: your health and your finances. It’s mission-critical that every person play an active role in their physical and financial health – and wealth. 



When it comes to cryptocurrency, its biggest advantage (being decentralized, unregulated, and free of government overreach) is also its biggest risk, making the industry rife with scammers who promise to “make it easy for you.”



For those who choose to hand over their hard earned money to a 3rd party to invest in the crypto market on their behalf, they are rolling the dice and would probably have better odds at the craps table in Vegas. 



In plain english, because the crypto market is unregulated it is teeming with crooks passing themselves off as experts who say they can earn you big returns in crypto. Don’t fall for this because you will most likely never see your money again. In fact, this is usually what has happened when you hear people saying they were involved in a crypto scam.



Another reason not to give these shysters the time of day is because with a little time and knowledge you can make and control your own crypto investment while maintaining 100% ownership of your funds.

The complex web of information out there can be simplified to help you feel more empowered in your investment journey.



Ways To Invest In Crypto


  1. Buy low, sell high. Many new investors approach the crypto market with this strategy in mind, but only a very small percentage actually profit from this method. With the volatility of cryptocurrency, traditional rules are not always applicable or lucrative. Because you are unable to accurately predict highs and lows, using this method is merely you hoping for the best. And as they say, hope is not a strategy.


  2. Use a high-interest-paying wallet. With this method, you can earn between 12-20% interest by lending out your cryptocurrency on a platform, similar to traditional high-yield savings accounts. Going this route means understanding the pros and cons – one of the pros being high-yielding interest piling up passively and a con being that these accounts take your capital off the market so there is no chance to benefit from a coin that goes up in value while it is sitting in a wallet or vault.


  3. NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). If you’ve heard this term thrown around and have no idea what it actually means, you’re in good company. To simplify, NFTs can be anything digital (such as art, music, or your cat turned into a digital AI robot) that cannot be copied –  that’s where the word “non-fungible” comes in. “Token,” is what makes it part of cryptocurrency. Thus, the NFTs exist on the blockchain and cannot be duplicated. In physical terms, anyone can buy a Picasso print – but only one person owns the original. As with crypto and any investment, consider the possibility that an NFT can increase drastically in value but it could also depreciate.


  4. HODL a crypto coin. This is essentially buying ang holding (HODLing) and can be done in various ways. One can simply acquire a certain coin, like Bitcoin (BTC) for example and simply hold this coin in their exchange account. Alternatively, the coin can be HODL’d in a hot wallet (online) or a cold cryptocurrency hardware wallet (an external device not connected to the internet).


  5. Grid bots. Grid bots use a form of AI automation where parameters are pre-configured strategically to maximize your investment and generate real-time profits with minimal user effort. For the beginner wanting to invest with low risk and a high probability for a return, this is a great option. Dan Hollins, trendspotting marketing whiz behind the wildly popular book and movie “The Secret” created his program, The Plan, which uses his time-tested Wiggle Factor method to earn passive income for crypto beginners. His proprietary method leverages the volatility of the market and teaches beginners how to invest wisely in crypto.



Start Earning Smart Passive Income in a Few Simple Steps


Don’t feel like an expert yet? Don’t worry, this is just part 2 of 5 in my Crypto For Beginners series. Next up Part-3 Benefits Of Crypto Trading Bots we will discuss the lowest-risk and highest-return methods for crypto trading and equip you with the knowledge and time-tested tips and tools to invest safely and wisely.


If you can’t wait and want to know more now, you can learn more about The Wiggle Factor, Dan’s cryptocurrency trading strategy.


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